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How a Fast Cash Advance Works

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How a Fast Cash Advance Works

Getting the cash you need fast is easy when you let Fast Cash States match you with a lender. You start by filling out the form to the left and then click submit.

By clicking that submit button you are being transferred to a secure site to continue with your sign up online. After you finish that and submit it, we will match you with a loan representative who will contact you to gather more information if needed.

If you are approved for a cash advance the money can be deposited into your account by the next possible business day.

What if I am having trouble paying back the fast cash advance?
If you are unable to make payments on your cash advance, these are some common option lenders provide:

1. Pay just your initial payday loan amount and apply the interest to a new loan.
2. Pay for a part of the payday loan amount and interest, then carry over the rest to a separate loan.
3. Pay the interest amount and pay the payday loan amount on a separate loan

Note: Additional rules and restrictions may apply with each option. Make sure to check with your loan representative on these offers.

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